Company Profile

Jodnsemi Electronics Inc founded in 2001 Locaed in Hong Kong Kowloon. Have 500 Square Meters warehouse to store hard to find, stop production, Hot Products. Jodnsemi Electronics Inc have 10 Sales Analyst and 3 Quality Inspector. All important and exports materials we must control the quality. JodnSemi's Mission is to be find the most trusted source for higly quality Include Hard to find, Obsolete, and Hot parts electronic components. Our corporate team of dedicated professionals will continually review, improve, & revise our quality process using the most advanced technology inspection tools and innovative counterfeit-mitigation strategies to protect the functionality & reputation of our customer's quality products.

Our Main brands and popular models: ARXX: (UT28F256QLET-45UCC, UT54ACS164245SEIUCC, UT9Q512E-20YCC, UT7R995XCC, UT8Q512E-20YCC) INTERSIL:(HS1-26C31RH-Q, HS1-26C32RH-Q, HS1-6664RH-8, HS1-508BRH-8, HS9-1840ARH-Q) CYPRESS:(CY7C271-55WMB, CY7C261-35WMB,CY7C251-35WMB, CY7C342B-35RMB,CY7C346-35RMB) AVAGO:(HCPL-5230,6N140A/883B,HCPL5601,HCPL5701,TGA2531) IR:(IRFNJ9130,IRFNJ5305,IRHM9250,JANSR2N7422U, IRHM7264SE,HFA35HB120) Our Main business Area and Customer groups: Unite States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain,Belgium,Korea,Singapore,Philippines...Application field include-- Oilfield Expoitation, Engineering Samples, University Laboratory,Civil aircraft and Trainer air Repair. My dear Sales and purchase customers, please if you have stock please intruduce your list to me, i help you to change money and win nice profit, If you have good channel ( UTMC,ARXX,ACTEL,ADI,LATTICE,TI,XILINX,IR,ATMEAL STM,3DPULS,MICRON,AVAGO,IDT,HITTITE,ROCHESTER)please contact us, we want To restock hot parts to service for our VIP Customers.